Question about updating the bios on an MSI GD80v2

Hey all, i just bought an MSI GD80v2 Am3+ motherboard, and i was looking around for where i can download bios updates because i have a piledriver cpu. I noticed on the MSI website that the last BIOS released for the V2 was 3/27/2012. While the latest BIOS update for the original GD80 was much more recent, like sometime in December of 2012. So my question is, should i use the original GD80 bios page for bios updates for my V2? I've looked around and have read that the V2 is the same motherboard with an updated bios on it out of the box. So would it be safe to use the GD80's bios page for this? I hope someone with this board can help me out. While i'm at it i read that an MSI rep said that the board will post with vishera out of the box, but requires a bios update to use it optimally, can anyone confirm this? Thank you all in advance, and i look forward to your responses :).

my rig in case you need to see it;
MSI HD 7950 Twin Frozr 3
FX 8350
Seagate 750gb HDD
16 gb Gskill Sniper ram 9-9-9-24 @1600 1.5v
(Soon to be MSI GD80v2)
Cooler Master Silent Pro 80+ Gold 1000w Power Supply
CM Storm Sniper Case
DVD Burner/Reader
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  1. Does anybody know? Board arrives tomorrow
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