GIGABYTE GA-78LMT-USB3 any good?

Is this a good mobo for gaming? I'm not really concerned about "extra" features. I just want it to work with a processor like the amd fx-4170 and ddr3 ram.
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  1. I would pick Gigabyte over Biostar.
  2. Do you have a need for a micro-ATX board? Usually with a game system you go with ATX to get the full use of the PCI slots and the space between them for cooling.
  3. well, I mean, I don't absolutely NEED it but i do have a mid tower case that's a bit on the smaller side
  4. Just realize you give up the slots of a full size mb. Normally micro ATX boards are for HTPCs.
  5. gotcha. that makes sense then. Will pick up an atx then
  6. I like Gigabyte and Asus.

    Try this one
    it is slightly cheaper after shipping if you include the rebate.
  7. oh nice! Thank you for the suggestion.
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