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Just curious but do you guys think the new Ivy Bridges prices would be in the neighborhood of the current SBs? I'm curious because I just got a 2700k yesterday and didn't think the new Ivy bridges would be much more of an increase performance wise, but since it looks like they might be out next month, maybe I should RMA it and wait for IB to come out if it's about the same price. I mainly use my pc for gaming and handbraking/video stuff so I can't decide if I should just install the 2700k now or wait and see. Additionally, for encoding/transcoding, I'm not sure a presumed 10% overall increase in performance will be worth the wait. What do you guys think?
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  1. Hi :)

    No idea...and nobody apart from Intel will know until the release day...

    MORE than the previous CPU`s though lol

    All the best Brett :)
  2. I heard Ivy Bridge will just be the same pricing as SB. I would return it and a wait a month or two and grab an IB. Better performance, lower power, all that good stuff!
  3. i hear its going to be a low power version of sandy bridge, so no performance increase although 3 video cards with @ x16 which is nice for some. also i saw leaked a 3.5 ghz ivy bridge processor o.c. to 7 with dry ice.... prices will be high on the initial offering will be lucky to see any in the 250 $ range
  4. leaked slides indicate no significant increase, 2500k is +£5 seem to be correct in all other ways
  5. So maybe it's not going to be anything huge I'll be missing if I just roll with the 2700k for now. hmmm....This sucks lol
  6. an unofficial preview of the i7 3770k
    lower power and 5%-15% gains. not all that except for those using the HD graphics, then up to a 50% increase.
    with the expected, for now, price of $332
  7. Would the release of the ivy bridge processors drop the price of any of the current sandy bridge ones?
  8. brewspy said:
    Would the release of the ivy bridge processors drop the price of any of the current sandy bridge ones?

    Maybe, but Intel didn't really drop the Core 2's prices.
  9. Based on past experience I would say that our next generation Intel® Core™ processors would have price points at the same places of the processors that they are replacing. The resellers might charge a little more at the beginning simply because they can but I wouldnt expect that to last long.

    Also I wouldn't expect to see price drops on the current generation of Intel Core processors again this is based on past experience and not any first hand knowledge of price moves.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
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