ASRock 970 EXTREME3 Front Panel Header Configuration?

A friend recently gave me an ASRock 970 EXTREME3 motherboard, but no guide. Can someone tell me the configuration for the three front panel header cords? Power, reset, and HD LED. There's no adapter for this mother board so I believe they go in a section called 'Panel1' but I have no idea into what pins. I can't seem to find them anywhere online.


Edit: Is this it?
So each cord has two slots for pins. Does the slot with an arrow on it mean it should be first going left to right? Ex. for the HD LED does the arrow mean the positive side or negative?
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    Use Adobe reader or foxit to open ^ Manual :D
  2. System Panel Header This header accommodates
    (9-pin PANEL1) several system front panel
    (see p.2 No. 23) functions.
    Connect the power switch, reset switch and system status indicator
    on the chassis to this header according to the pin assignments below.
    Note the positive and negative pins before connecting the cables.
    PWRBTN (Power Switch):
    Connect to the power switch on the chassis front panel. You may confi
    gure the way to turn off your system using the power switch.
    RESET (Reset Switch):
    Connect to the reset switch on the chassis front panel. Press the reset
    switch to restart the computer if the computer freezes and fails to perform
    a normal restart.
  3. From what I gather, the power switch cord should go into Power Switch and Ground, and the reset cord should go into reset and ground. Okay. So, for power switch, is it positive in power switch and negative in ground, and for the reset switch, positive in reset and negative in ground?

    Edit: or is polarity irrelevant for these two, but still they indeed go into these slots? (Or does Reset need to go into Reset and Dummy..?)
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    Polarity is irrelevant for reset and power switch. Just make sure you combine the correct pins:

  5. Excellent, got it correctly, thank you!
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