How much does RAM effect Gaming?

Hello! In my computer I have 4 GB DDR3 running at 1600MHz. Let's say I run Battlefield at a solid 40 fps on high. If I had 8 GB DDR3 running at 1600MHz would I experience a fps boost? If so how much? Would I be able to bump up textures more? I'm thinking about upgrading so input would help me a lot!
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  1. upgrading to 8GBs would boost performance, not buy something huge like 20 frames, but it would help,
    if you are happy with the 40fps (which you should be) then yes, you probably could bump up the textures
  2. what processor and graphic card?
    I don't THINK it would be noticeable.
  3. well, i doubt bf3 utilizes more than 4 GB. if you got a somewhat clear system and nothing is running in the background, there should be enough room for bf3. considering the prices of ram atm though, i suggest you do yourself a favour, buy 32GB of ram, and load the complete game in a ramdisk :).
  4. Anonymous said:
    what processor and graphic card?
    I don't THINK it would be noticeable.

    I run an Intel G860 Dual 3GHz and a Geforce GT 620 2GB. I can't play battlefield on those settings I was just using it as an example.
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    The top set of graphs shows the effect on load times with various amounts of RAM,2778-5.html

    here's the fps impact,2778-8.html
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  7. nothing much of a difference is enjoyed
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