Best dual band wifi router (to replace Sky router)


I'm looking to replace my standard Sky router with a better one due to problems with lack of range and frequent disconnects even when in full signal range.

I don't care about Sky's T&C's and have extracted username and password etc.

I just wanted some advice on which one to go for (cost isn't too much of a factor).

I beleive I should go for dual band?

I believe Netgear are the easiest to set up - is this a fair comment?

Is there anything else I need to take into account when choosing one?

And can anyone offer reccomendations as to the best ones for my purposes?


PS it's for a medium sized flat with up to two to three laptops logging on at a time.
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  1. Thanks Luned,

    I'd already bought the Netgear 3300 dual band router by the time you posted this. But appreciate the advice anyway.

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