Two computers one mouse + keyboard plus psu question

Is there any hardware or software that lets you control two computers each with their own monitor using one keyboard and one mouse?

For a single gtx 580 will a single corsair ax 750w be enough. I will be overclocking both the cpu, 2500k, and gpu and using a water cooling system. For dual gtx 580 I assume this is not enough, but will 1000W psu be enough. I had in mind the SeaSonic Platinum Series 1000W.

I got the ax 750w at a bargain price of $135, but I can still cancel and get the 1000W psu instead. Actually, I don't know when amazon will ship my corsair ax 750w since amazon needs to restock.
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    It's called a KVM. One that allows you to control two computers shouldn't be that expensive.

    That PSU is more then enough for a single GTX580. Two would be pushing it. Again, the 1kW PSU would be able to do it.
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