Windows 7 on UEFI board, need help!

This was my first time getting a new motherboard since i first built my system

I recently got an ASUS crosshair V formula-Z motherboard and it's failing to load windows 7 from the HDD i used with my previous motherboard, whenever it goes to boot it starts to load windows, then about the time during windows boot when the little orbs or whatever appear on screen and move around, it freezes and restarts the boot sequence but doesn't restart the entire computer, is there a way to fix this that doesn't involve spending 100 dollars on a new OS?
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  1. Afraid the only solution here is to spend the money on a new OS license. If the original motherboard failed through no fault of your own and no other parts were replaced, you may be able to have MS issue a new license at no charge but you would need to begin a support dialogue with them for that.
    Probably not what you wanted to read
  2. Not exactly, but i'd rather know what i have to do then be confused and annoyed about it, Thanks for the info.
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