Cant access bios?

Hi I am currently using the asrock z77 extreme4 everything was fine until i switched using dvi to hdmi for my monitor. So now whenever I boot up I dont get the splash screen and nothing is detected on my monitor til the welcome screen. Anything that will fix this?

My video card is GTX 660 ti
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  1. A few mother boards don't natively support output to HDMI on graphics card. It's only outputting because Windows or whatever OS you're using has the correct drivers for outputting to HDMI

    The best thing is to stick with DVI for best quality and hardware support. DVI is better than HDMI.

    Good luck! :)
  2. make sure in the bios under primary video device you have the gpu set as first and the ipgpu as second or the onboard gpu will have the bios boot screen on it. if you have too download the windows bios tool where you can change your bios from inside of windows.
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    HDMI port is not actually a correct display interface for PC. try display port or just stick to DVI

    the difference between display port and HDMI port is that HDMI port does not have a lock due to which it may plug out sometimes and can turn the pc display go blank. imagine you are about to complete FARCRY 3 and some can jumps on a HDMI port and display goes blank,
    To avoid this Display port has been evolved from HDMI. it comes with a lock system
    Not big like DVI and not small and shaky like HDMI
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