Cant get my wireless to see my wired network shares

Windows 7 wireless on my laptop. Windows Vista Ultimate on 2 wired pc's. I cannot get to any of the shared media on either of the 2 wired pc's. Using a linksys E2000 router, and have tried every setting in the router and on my laptop network and sharing center that I can think of with no luck. I have tried both in and out of a windows homegroup.
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  1. are they all on the same Workgroup name?

    have you tried disabling the Vista firewalls?
  2. All on the same workgroup name; thought i had all firewalls off but will have to double check them. I know I have added "everyone" as a user with access to these shares and given full permission to that user as well; aside from Vista firewalls any other ideas?
  3. Not sure why it made any difference, but I changed my wireless network from being a mix of B,G, and N signals, to only G and all the sudden all the wired computers show up on the network just fine with proper access to all the shared media as it should be. I might look into a firmware upgrade to my router as having wireless - N capability is part of the reason I got it. Will post again if a firmware upgrade changes anything.
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