New PC Will Not Boot, PLEASE help

This is my second custom PC that I have built. I have tried everything to try to get it to turn on. :cry:


Kingston HyperX Blu 4GB (2 x 2GB) DDR3 1600
DIAMOND A5970PE52G Radeon HD 5970 2GB
AMD Phenom II X6 1100T 3.3GHz
Seagate Barracuda Green ST1500DL003 1.5TB 5900 RPM
ASUS M4A88T-M AM3 AMD 880G AMD Motherboard

The first few times the computer powered up but would not POST, it beeped 1 long 2 short, now it won't even power up. The green LED light on the motherboard is lit. I have tried getting it to power up out of the case and only using the CPU a one stick of RAM. I know the RAM is compatible with my motherboard and the RAM is fully in the slot as well. I have also checked for shorted out cables and I have tried clearing the CMOS. I have tried three different PSUs, all with at least 500w of power. The 4 pin CPU fan power cable is connected and so is the 24 pin motherboard power cord. The 2 pin power cable is connected to the motherboard. I have tried jumping the PSU.

At this moment I suspect it might be the motherboard, but I'm still not sure.
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  1. 1 long and 2 short is a video system error.
    Have you tried with both the onboard and your discrete card? I am assuming you probably have. Although, clearing the CMOS should have defaulted the board to use the onboard video first. Starting to sound to me like you have a bad board as well.
  2. i doubt on your psu you have three PSU's and all are 500w according to AMD site they says 5970 requires at least 650w
  3. also remove out your CPU and see if any pin were benten.
  4. Go Here:
    Work thru the list. WORK, not just read!
    If you are still having issues, come back here and tell us where in the list in failed, and we will try to help!
  5. I read through this page:
    None of these steps seemed to have helped. :(

    I tried with on board video, and it did not help.

    The lowest wattage was 500w for a PSU, but I used that one to test only the RAM and CPU. I have a 650w and a 750w PSU as well.

    I have not found any bent pins on the CPU.

    To clarify, nothing will turn on, no fans, no hdd, etc. Just the green LED is on when the PSU is plugged in.
  6. Corsair, Rosewill, Raidmax are the manufacturers.
  7. I tested the motherboard with just the CPU and 1 stick of ram, so it can't be the 5970.
  8. Nothing will turn on 384-BiT.
  9. Thanks for the help, I have rebuilt the PC 3 times already. I'm going to just RMA the board.
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