Dear Tom's,

my grph.card is PowerColor HD3650 - 512-128bit PCI-E.
Where can i find the correct driver?

i had used the wrong driver..(i got the wrong cd from its box, and i didn't know until i installed the grph.card at home)
so when i checked on display adapter profile, it appears HD 2600 series ?!?

plz help me to find the driver..

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  1. i'd already download..installed..restart PC.. but why i still see "HD 2600 Series" in Hardware profile??
    was i missing something?
  2. of course they have cheated with you
  3. hmmmm..:( btw,thx 4 ur valuable help.. Peace from Indonesia..
  4. thanks to you also
  5. finally i'd found the driver from your links... and got the right driver.. many thx 4 ur link..
  6. ok sir goodluck
  7. ok sir goodluck
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