Having trouble getting Power Supply ready for computer

I recently purchased a power supply from this forum, it is this one here:

However, it didn't come with all the cables. What it did come with was just the power supply and the cable to the wall.

So you will notice the only things come out of this are the 6-pin connectors (PCI-E?) and the two MOBO connectors.

So I can easily hookup my motherboard with those two connections. However, I still need to hook up 3 SATA (SSD, HDD, Optical) and my GPU (HD 6850).

Can someone help me find the right cables I need to finish my computer?
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  1. Raidmax is as bad a PSU as you can buy! If you cant buy the cables from raidmax I do not know where! You bought it here in the classifieds?
  2. I did. And it seems as though it was not a good buy...
  3. Have you PM'd the seller for the rest of the cables? Raidmax is never a good buy! Just read the comments here,14875.html
  4. I did PM him, yes.

    I may ask if I can just return it to him. At this point it'll be just as expensive as buying it new...
  5. No cables he should take it back for full refund, if honest! Unfortunately not always the case.
  6. Yeah... Otherwise can you recommend a decent PSU? Hopefully under $100 (The cheaper the better now that I'm already in on this PSU...) Ideally it will also have a blue LED but that's not a super necessity either.

    My GPU is an HD 6850 as I stated earlier so 600W should do it. No Crossfire plans in my future.
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    Good for the price OCZ 600watt
    This one Corsair CX430 would handle a system fine with a single HD6850
  8. Thanks! That OCZ looks good. Especially after rebate. Any with LEDs that are around that good?
  9. Not many quality PSU's have leds! It is more left to the lesser brands for the show of factor!
  10. Ok, cool, good to know!
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