Best Z77 Motherboard Manufacturer?

Hi there,

Just wondered. What is everyone's opinion on the 'best' Z77 board manufacturer and model?
This is open to anyone's opinion!

In my own opinion, I think the Asus Sabertooth Z77 board is the best! :P
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  1. Sabertooth is a pretty bad board imo, its thermal armor traps heat and it lacks a few features that much cheaper boards have. I think of it more as a pretty board, to make a gaming rig look awesome, which is easily does.

    For the best Z77 maker, I would think that would have to go to Gigabyte, who offer all round great boards with many variants suiting different needs.
  2. depends on the price point of your build. msi and asrocks make good low cost boards. myself i like the new asus bios on there efi mb it simple and easy to read. I had an older p35 gigbyte board...thing was a tank keep going and going and going till friend plugged a broken usb device into it and fried it. with mb it how thick the pcb thin and the traces inside can snap.
  3. If it were to buy one, I'd go with the P8Z77-V Deluxe.
  4. msi or asrock when you are on a budget. asus when you got more to spend. i recommend the z77 v pro.
  5. If you are in the ball park of the Asus Sabertooth Z77, go for it. I personally bought one just recently, and it had completely blown my mind. It has a beautiful BIOS, it is extremely easy to overclock, the look of the aesthetics looks great in my case, and Asus is a great company in general.

    Also keep in mind, it is definitely the most expensive, but it has been worth every penny so far.
  6. Best Z77 motherboard manufacturer? Intel. They're awesome. :sarcastic:
  7. Gigabyte
  8. for me it's asrock or Asus, there are some good ones such as biostar aswell although i havent used them personally
  9. It just depends really, but I am getting somewhat tired of all the biased info on here people post, usually misinformation potentially leading a buyer that comes on here asking for information from missing out a really good product just because they think "it's a bad".

    As far as the Sabertooth although not being the best board available you also have to keep in mind that it just depends on the person and how they are going to use it. Some people just have no need for thunderbolt, bluetooth etc,.. like me for example I would rather take a 5 year warranty verses the 3 year the other boards offer and there features since I have no use for them. From first hand experience I can tell you that it doesn't trap heat I have no heat issues whatsoever, and well honestly there hasn't been a reviewer that has tested it out in detail to check for sure so it's up for speculation really for now it's just up to the reviewer that is working with the board and there own opinion.
  10. I dont really know,, but from what I read in this forum, people are usually suggest Asrock or Asus :D
  11. Very nice replies people :)
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