What are the red lighted letters/numbers on the motherboard?

So, I finally built my computer. When I went to press the on button, everything seemed to be working perfectly fine. Only thing is, when I looked into the side where my fan is, I could see lighted up red letters/numbers on my motherboard. My board is the GB z77 Ud3h.

Does anyone know what it means? I have a picture of it, it's the only decent picture I could get. At first is showed AE, then A0.

Example: http://i.imgur.com/NVQ8r.jpg
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  1. Are you able to get into the BIOS? If so, try disabling IDE.
  2. Yeah, I've been able to get into the BIOS. Seems like everything works, but the AO puts doubt in my mind that I did something wrong. Don't know what it could mean, and I've researched it with very little helpful answers.
  3. The AO code is when your motherboard is initializing the IDE portion
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