Upgrading graphic card, need help

Hi there,

I am currently upgrading my Computer in small parts after upgrading my Mobo to the MSI 990FX-GD65.

My current graphics card is the HiS HD 5670

I've got a couple of graphic cards in mind, just want a second opinion on these two:

XFX HD 6870



HiS HD 6870


Also i have a 550 watt Coolermaster GX PSU
should i be thinking of upgrading that to a Antec truepower 650 watt modular?


Any help or suggestions of other hardware would be great.

Kind regards
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  1. Coolermaster has unfortunately had a bad reputation for PSU's, especially older models. So I would upgrade that first, before you get a new GPU. The PSU you suggested would work great.

    As for the cards, your links lead to different things. THE XFX link leads to a 6870 and the HIS leads to a 6850. If that is the correct comparison you are going for (6870 vs. 6850) go with the XFX 6870 100%. It is faster and better in almost every way and can be overclocked to keep it even further ahead.

    If instead you mislinked and its in fact both 6870 cards, Either one will do. I would suggest going with the cheapest one and the one that offers the best warranty in Europe (don't know what it is over there).
  2. Thank you for your suggestion. I'll definitely upgrade the psu first and as for the GPU i was leaning more towards the XFX 6870 anyway!

    But thank you for the reply!

    Appreciate loads :)
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