I am looking to build an Athlon system with DDR RAM in soon I want to go with PC2100 but I can only find CAS 2.5 modules when I want CAS 2. Is anyone shipping them. Also can anyone find PC2100 modules (CAS 2 or 2.5)at a reasonable price, 'cos I can't??

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  1. You mean 2.5-2-2??? Cause that's about the best you can get.
    Mushkin's Hyundai DDR's are said to run at 148MHz stable, but carry a hefty tag for 256MB cards.
    <A HREF="http://www.lostcircuits.com/motherboard/asus_a7m266/6.shtml" target="_new"> ASUS A7M266 </A>
    This site also gives some good advice on the voltage settings for the ASUS board and shows some stats of the yet to come MICRON CAS2 DDR.

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  2. i have 2.5 PC2100 RAM and i haven't been able to find CAS2 either....

    -MP Jesse
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