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Hello world. :)

I assembled a (what i hope to be ) nice little starning configuration:
P8Z77-V LX2 - Motherboard
Adata SSD 64GB
1TB Hitachi Sata2 7200RPM
Intel Celeron G550

After 15 installs of win 7 x64 and unlimited reinstalls of IST (Intel Storage Tech) i am clueless to why i am unable to setup my Intel Smart response. Could it be that:

1. Intel Celeron G550 doesent support Intel Smart Response? (Dam you intel)
2. My motherboard has sata ports that are not intel native ones. (Bear in mind that i used 6G ports (two white ones))
3. I am missing something really obvious and in my stressfull 15 hours of setup i am just ignoring it? :)

I tried truckload of options. Including:
Driver pre install (F6 option)
Driver post install
Both at the same time.
Install all drivers then plugged in ssd
My bios is set to raid. And i see all of my disks in it and in ctrl+i option (they are marked as non-raid)

I would be extremely gratefull if someone can help me. :) (I Can always install on ssd but i am hoping that ISM is a better option.)
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  1. cin19 said:

    I tried coping that video and even though i have different chipset basically all is the same... and after several days i gave up... installed Win on my ssd and left 1 TB HDD for storage. My conclusion is... Intel Smart Response tech is not available on Intel Celeron nor Intel Pentium processors only on Intel Core ones (i3,i5,i7) and if someone can prove me other i am sticking with that.

    Thanks cin19 for responding...
  2. Hi, You're right.

    From Asrock, for Z77:

    Question: What are the basic requirements for Intel Smart Response Technology?

    Answer:According the Intel document, for a system to support Intel Smart Response Technology it must have the following:
    • Intel® Z68/Z77 Express Chipset-based desktop board
    • Intel® Core™ i3/i5/i7 Processor in the LGA 1155 package
    • System BIOS with SATA mode set to RAID
    • Intel Rapid Storage Technology software 10.5 version release or later
    • Single Hard Disk Drive (HDD) or multiple HDD's in a single RAID volume
    • Solid State Drive (SSD) with a minimum capacity of 18.6GB
    • Operating system: Microsoft Windows Vista 32-bit Edition and 64-bit Edition, Microsoft Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit Edition.
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