Will corsair h80i 120mm liquid cooling go with my motherboard AND case

Hi guys,

I want to install an 8 core AMD bulldozer processor (socket AM3+) onto my motherboard Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 (socket AM3+) compatible no question.... however,

I would like to add this liquid cooling radiator into my case but I am not entirely sure it will fit because my case is not that big and I am not even sure if its compatible with my motherboard.

I have this case: Aerocool 6th Element Mid Tower Gaming Case with Blue LED Fan - Blue/Black

This is what I would like to fit: Corsair 120mm Hydro Series H80i Digital High Performance Rad All-In-One Liquid CPU Cooler

So... Is it compatible with my motherboard? If so, will I have enough room?

Many thanks,
Andy :sol:
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  1. You may have to do some out of the box thinking, but I think it would work. Looks like you have a top fan, so you could remove that and put the rad up there instead. It's what I did with my thermal take speedo for my h100 and it works great. And the spec's for the h80i say it's compatible with the am3, so i guess so.
  2. Thanks kingnoobe.

    My top fan is 150mm so I don't think I could install it there. I suppose I could just used the fan that comes with the 8 core. I'm not sure if its any good though :/
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