Re-wiring fatal1ty gaming headset help

So I was playing some tribes ascend when I heard the phone ring and promptly stood up and tore the audio cable on my headset. I have been trying to rewire the headset after stripping back some of the casing and trying various combinations of wires. I have tried Blue-blue, red-red, green-copper combination as well as blue-green, red-red, copper-blue. I don't know the official names for these wires so I am refering to them by color. neither of these combinations has worked so far. If it is nearly impossible to successfully re-wire these headphones, then please say so and I will go away :P If it is also not worth saving the $40 that i would spend on new headphones then again, please say so. link to my headset:

Thanks in advance!
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  1. take it to an electronics store
  2. Sorry for posting on an old thread, but i have the same problem. So can the OP please tell me what finally happened? and which color to match?
    The wires on these headphones are made of cheaper quality than a 20$ headset!
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