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So I've been running Core Temp on my desktop to check the temperatures of my CPU and they get very high. Normal temperature while doing normal everyday tasks (browsing the internet, microsoft word) is at 43 degrees, but when I start up some games, such as Crysis, Mass Effect, and even Portal, the temperature starts to rise up to the mid 90s (then I close the program).

AMD Phenom II x4
ATI 5750
550W Power supply

Another thing is that the air flow of the GPU fan is physically blocked by the power supply (I can't change that), would that also contribute the the high temperatures?

I was thinking of getting some thermal compound/paste, but I don't know how effective that is. Does anyone else have any ideas to drop the temperatures?
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  1. Your cooler is not on properly. Though I would get new thermal compound.
  2. Yeah, there is no way the HSF is on correctly, or you just plain forgot thermal compound. Buying high-end thermal paste wouldn't hurt either.
  3. New thermal paste. Xigmatec or something like that.
  4. good idea for the thermal compound. and add another exhaust on your casing or use heat sink casing.. change your cpu fan with some branded cooling system. and make sure that your running on the correct voltage setting..
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