My PC is not working properly!

I am using the Intel Dual core @3.00GHz Processor and 2GB Kingston RAM with Windows x32 on ASUS P5G41CM-LX motherboard.
Recently i have purchased 4GB Corsair RAM and so installed windows 7 x64 for that.
But my PC now does not works properly. It hangs in a unusual way showing strange rectangles. It never responds after that. Is it because of different companies of RAM. How do I fix it. Please Help!!
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  1. What I think the issue is, since your board supports both DDR3 and DDR2, is that DDR2 and DDR3 can't be used at the same time. I'm guessing your old ram was DDR2, so putting in DDR3 is making your system screw up. This is just a guess, try taking out your old ram.
  2. here we go, found this line in the asus website after a quick checkup, what I said was right I think

    *DDR3 and DDR2 memory can not be used simultaneously Use DDR3 memory modules on the black slots and DDR2 memory modules on the blue slots

    So DDr3 goes in the black slots, but you can't use the DDR2 slots at the same time.
  3. Thank you very much for the reply.
    But i forgot to mention that both my RAM are DDR3.
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