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My computer freezes in boot screen precicely after bios has counted the ram (says: 8125mb OK).

The only way to get it to boot properly all the way to windows is by shutting off the psu and removing 1 of my 4 ddr2 modules and put it back again. After i shut it down i have to redo the procudure.

I have tried ever memory spearatly and they all see to work fine in memtest.

No clue what the problem might be :( It has worked fine for 4 years.

P5Q-E motherboard
4 x 2Gb Corsair 1066Mhz DDR2
Intel Quad-Core Q9550@2.83GHz OC to 3.4GHz
ATI Radeon HD4870 1Gb
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  1. Replace the cmos battery. It might be empty and so the mobo is loosing the config info.
  2. Problem solved, apparently it was the windows 7 os how made the fuss, weird that the computer froze during bootscreen :P. Had som other problems with it so I did a clean install and the "ram" problem was gone :)

    Thnx for the reply anyways and good look
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