Hi guys,
It has been over a week now with me still trying to figure out how do i connect my desktop&laptop simultaneously to my wireless router.I have a DELL STUDIO 15 which connects to my BELKIN SURF N300 smoothly.But the issue here stands is that i cannot however connect my desktop(did try connecting desktop's ethernet to the 4 available spots on my BELKIN,no avail)at the same time.Is there a solution to this i.e can i connect them to a single router??...I haven't installed the BELKIN ROUTER MANAGER DRIVER on my desktop.Is this bottlenecking the connection to my desktop..PLZZ HELP ME OUT :(
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  1. Is this a wireless connection you are trying to establish ? Because if you can't even connect wired, you have a problem with the computer or the router.

    I doubt if the Belkin software would help it's probably designed to help you set up DSL conection to your ISP.

    I suggest you start by reading the manual for the Belkin router -- either on CD or on Belkin's support website.

    Next, look at whether the desktop computer will connect to the router with the laptop disconnected (your post hints at this but then fails to explain any further).

    If it does, it suggests to me that there's a IP clash between the two computers. So if Windows Internet Connection Sharing has been installed at any point remove it.

    Then check TCP/IP Properties. Start, Connect To, Connection, Properties, Scroll Down TCP/IP and highlight, click Properties and check that Obtain DNS and IP address automatically are enabled.
  2. Nope,what I'm trying to say is that i want to connect my dektop and laptop at the same time to a single wireless router.Of course the desktop has to be hard-wired(as it does not have a ethernet/wi-fi card)to the router.

    My laptop has already been connected.But i need to connect my desktop through the ethernet(CAT5) cable

    I have already tried connecting my (adsl2+) d-link router to my belkin wireless router and routing the second CAT5 from the desktop's ethernet port to belkin's second ethernet port(it has 4 ports).My laptop does get connected wirelessly but my desktop even though hard wired to the router ain't getting passed!!! :( :( :fou: :fou:

    MY QUESTION:How do i access internet through my desktop(simultaneously using the laptop also)?????
  3. As I said, see if the desktop will connect to the router when the laptop isn't connected.

    With the desktop wired to the router go to Windows Start, Run, type cmd and when the monochrome windows appears type IPCONFIG /ALL and look for the word gateway in the results the figure next to that word is the IP address of the router.

    Read the manual for the router on how to address the router's user setup screens and see if using the gateway IP address and your browser you can reach the router's setup screens' login.

    If you can the next issue to be solved is whether the desktop can get on the internet.

    I'm sure all this is very irritating but it's by fairly plodding steps that you can solve these things.

    Incidentally, don't start wiring in another router or the issues will just get more complex.
  4. Ya sure will try this and report
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