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I'm running an ASUS M4A79XTD EVO with 4GB (2x2) of DDR3 RAM. I'd like to upgrade to 8 GB of RAM and was going to get another set of the same 2x2. However, my processor heat sink and fan is blocking one of my two remaining RAM slots. So, I have 3 options:

Buy a 1x4GB stick
Replace my current 2x2GB with 2x4GB
Reorient my heat sink fan (which will mess up my air flow) to accomodate 4x2GB.

Option 1 is the cheapest and least wasteful, but I seem to recall that RAM works best in matching pairs? Will it be ok to run a 4GB stick that is different than my existing pair of 2GB sticks? This PC is used for lots of gaming, but I usually don't overclock anything, if that matters.
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  1. If only the fan is block the RAM, you can buy the low-profile RAM, and also you can move the fan up a little bit so that the RAM can fit under the fan.

    If you only use the single ( the 4GB ) RAM then the RAMs (4GB+2x2GB) will run in single channel mode.
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