CPU overheating and BSOD

Not too long ago, my computer started experiencing consistant BSODs whenever I was playing a game. Games I was playing before went smoothly but now just blue screens about 10 or so minutes into playing games like Battlefield 3. CoreTemp shows 80c+ while playing, stays consistently at 80C-89C while playing. This should be an issue with the CPU right?
Mobo = M488TD-V-EVO-USB3
CPU = AMD Phenom II X4 970 (Stock fan, not overclocked)
GPU = GTX 460 768mb
Games with issues = Battlefield 3, Starcraft 2, Team Fortress 2, Minecraft (surprisingly), some others

Also something else I noticed: SpeedFan shows the fans increasing by about 10 RPM every 15 seconds or so when playing games. Sometimes, it doesn't even increase at all for a period of time. The processor is very hot yet it slowly speeds up. Also, it only spins up when it is above 75C
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  1. When was the last time you cleaned out your PC on the inside? A bunch of dust in the cooler can make it absolutely useless, resulting in crashes, overheating, freezing and sometimes BSOD's.
  2. I think your system is running a bit hot. As Toxxyc says, clean out any dust. Also, it could be worth cleaning off the existing TIM from the CPU and putting some new stuff on.
  3. have you got fans set to performance mode in bios? or is speedfan trying to control the fans, in which case change the profile so that they spin up faster and earlier, let bios do the work, and then once you know that it can keep itself cool then start using speedfan.

    +1 to dust, big potential issue, how many case fans do you have?
  4. I have cleaned the dust and replaced the TIM about 3 weeks ago. Not much changed when I did. SpeedFan is set to automatic fan speed. I also have a 200mm fan on top of my case, along with 1 120mm TriCool rear fan, and two identical ones on the front. It should be more than enough.
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    Did the issues arise after the reseating and cleaning, or was it there before? If the problems started with the clean, it may very well be that you either used too much or too little thermal grease, or you may have seated the cooler incorrectly. Double check yet?
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