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A friend of mine bought this cooler, but it doesnt work for him due to some clearance issues with a north bridge heat sink. I am currently running a PhenomII X4 955, with the stock heatsink & fan unit. He said I can have it for $10.00. Is it worth it?
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  1. Running 100% CPU load with this cooler will most likely get you in the 70 degree range, I think this cooler is primarily for 95w or lower CPU's or small form factor PC's. If it were me I would buy it for use in a media center build but not for a X4 955.
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    Yeah that isn't a very good cooler. I'd save up a little more cash and rather buy something like a Cooler Master Hyper 212+ or 212 Evo. Now THAT is a sick cooler for the price...
  3. I talked him into letting me try it, before I buy it, will see if it is any better than the stock cooler..if not I will ebay it for him. I stay well below 60 degrees now, with a mild overclock (3.4), while playing BF3.
  4. Save another 15, get a 212+.
  5. It's not a matter of saving more money..he bought it didnt work out for him, and I was gonna take it off his hands if any good. Sounds like its probably gonna go on ebay
  6. That's a cooler that sits right between stock and good performance after-market...if you were constrained for space (HTPC, small fileserver) then it would do the job. But if you want an aftermarket cooler for your system, then I'd do as suggested above and get the CM 212+ Evo at least.
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  8. Ok, so the arctic cooling fan works about the same as my stock unit..My concern on the 2 coolermaster units mentioned above is the height. I have the coolermaster rc-335 case, it is 7.29" outside width. The hyper 212 is listed at 156mm i think..which would be about 6 3/8". Since the MB is raised above the case side..sounds tight. I better go measure. If it doesnt fit, whats a bit smaller option?
  9. A good smaller option can be something like the Zalman CNPS9500 or CNPS9900A. They look cool, but the copper surface fades after a while. Doesn't affect performance, but yeah.
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