Case built annoying noise?

I've recently built a new system in a CM 690 ii Advanced, but im having a particular annoying noise while the PC is on, its no constant but comes and goes... A dry sound similar to a snore or the sound of when you finish a coke can and suck out the bottom with a straw. It sound like somepart doing friction with another part... a pretty common sound. Any idea/suggestion?
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  1. the strat sound reminds me of my dying harddrive and my girlfriends OLD harddrive , or just a harddrive that is busy.

    also i have this fan that occasionally makes a funny sound *really annoying*

    If its a fan .. no biggie
    if its ur HDD ? get it checked ASAP

    my hdd is dying as we speak. i still need to get a new one . and if it died before back up

    Sayonara files

    good luck
  2. Open the case try to stop each fan with you finger..... press above the motor.. and listen the sound come from fan.... I just build 4 system with this case last week .... and I don't see any issue..... what power supply you use...will the sound from the power supply
  3. Im using a TX650M psu and a temporary stock cpu cooler (i5). Tomorrow ill be opening the case. Im pretty sure the sound somewhere at the mid-upper front of the case, it might not be the psu
  4. Corsair psu and Sapphire 6870 gpu
  5. Sound's like a Coffe Machine also... any more ideas? What should i do?
  6. Today I have similar build but with a new Seagate 1TB SATA 6 HD .... and looks like the sound is from HD....vibration
  7. See if some of the wires are touching one the fans, that can be nasty, and it should not be the GPU, i have the same one and it makes a high pitched sound when with fully loaded fans, by what you described I would say HDD, it would be nice if you told us all the specs.
  8. Specs are:
    CPU: i5 2500k w/ stock cooler
    MoBo: Giga Z68X-UD3H-B3
    GPU: Sapphire HD 6870 DiRT edition
    Memo: 2x4GB 1600Mhz Mushkin Silverline
    HDD: WD Caviar Black 1TB Sata III - 6gb/s
    PSU: Corsair TX650M
    Case: CM 690 II Advanced

    And yes, the sound's like a Coffee express machine or sucking out the bottom of a can with a straw (when there is not more coke). If you need, i can post temps, 6870 tends to rest idle at 53C
  9. Cheapest way to localize sound issues in a PC:
    1. Get a tube of some sort (I use the center of a paper towel roll)
    2. Open the side of the case
    3. Put one end of the tube to your ear and direct the other end to your different noise makers inside the case.

    It may sound a bit funky but it really helps isolate noises and figure out which component is your noise bandit.
  10. For case fans: hold them with a finger and listen what happens. For a gpu: vary the fan speed with the Catalyst software and see if the noise goes away on different speeds. For a cpu cooler: disable minimum fan speed check in your BIOS and hold the fan with your finger for a second; you could also vary the speed of it if your BIOS supports it. Harddisk: unplug it.

    Some noises are hard to spot because sometimes you can only hear them with the case closed, or from a certain distance/angle from the case. In that case it's a better idea to disconnect all case fans and see what that does. If the noise stays you can start varying cpu/gpu ventilation speed. If that also fails it's probably your PSU.

    My bet: it's the stock cpu cooler or your graphics card.
  11. If the 'cause of that noise is the Hard Disk, is there a way to lower down that?
  12. Yes...SSD :) I don't think you can silence a HDD without compromising it's safety (covering it with some kind of sound absorbing material), try repositioning it.
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