Phenom II X6 Speed Issue

Hello i have this processor and I went to bios and noticed it was the speed in auto = 2800 Mhz but when i run cpu z the speed max is 2.2 the clock multiplier its at 11 so i went to bios and moved this to 11.5 and when i restarted cpu z said multiplier was at 7.5 so i went back to bios and moved the multiplier to 14 to match the 2.8 and when i restarted . CPU z said my multiplier is at 11

So my 2.8 processor is not running at his full

What could it be?

My OS is Win 7
My mob is GA 990FXA-UD3

Do i have to write all my righ or is it enought with it...

If anyone has this problem tell me how did you solved it or what created it...

Have a nice day
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  2. This is what i did... I opened the link you sent me.
    I've read it. Then i went to the power management options as one of the pdfs said
    My windows 7 has balanced minimal and i have a high energy power consumption profile wich i activated.

    And now it doesnt save a bit of energy. It jumps from 2.8 to 3.3Ghz

    Next questions should i turn off the turbo boost just to avoid to damage the processor?

    I feel kind of silly i didnt thing about the energy profile... =)

    Thank you for the quick answer. What do you think ? Full load energy profile or should i set something specific? The pdfs are made for win xp mostly...

    Any advice will be greatly welcome

    have a nice time!

    I feel more ashamed now i remember i configured my cpu to boost at max of the 90% of its power in balanced mode...

    I was having issues with my pc turning off so i downgraded the max power consumption output wich fixed the problem.

    Problem SOlved ... Thank you for your time.

    I hope this helps someone else.
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  4. The is the same as Intel SpeedStep ..... Most Gamer want this one disable....

    But for Cooperate or office user ... if the system turn on 24 hous a day....this is a good function...

    the turbo mode iswhen the system find need more power they can jumping a little bit high... you're safe... you will see lot of people here push to 3.8 to 4.0Ghz....
  5. Im not so in to the OC thing... Dont dare to mess with the voltage since my FAN is the stock one... but i want to get my extra 600 Mhz ... they worth something in performance

    I will take more care of it for now one.

    THank you again
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