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Fan Speeds and Settings issue on ASRock z77 Extreme4

January 12, 2013 3:43:24 PM

Ok, so the fan speed settings have two quite confusing modes or "thresholds".

For the ASRock z77 extreme4, when I open the AXTU software, it asks me to set the "Fan Target speed" and the "Target Temperature".

I want to have the computer be as silent as possible, yet as cool as possible, so I set the fan target speed to 1 out of 10 and the target temperature to the lowest (45C).

Then I ran BF3 and it crashed to desktop while I was still in the main menu. I then set the fans to full speed and the game never crashed so I concluded that the CPU was overheating.

This lead me to conclude that even though my target temp was low, since my target fan speed was low too, it didnt allow my fans to speed up when they needed to. The ASRock users manual is utter trash and does not explain anything.

I was hoping that the mobo would prioritize the temp setting over the fan speed setting but apparently the fan speed setting is prioritized instead (which pretty much makes fan controls manual....)

Does anybody know what settings I can change or how this AXTU system interprets these quite contradicting user settings so that I can set it to an optimal Fan speed/temp threshold according to the demand of the application i am running.

My mobo BIOS is all set to automatic, but it doesnt make a difference, it seems this AXTU overrides the BIOS and that The Target fan speed overrides the Target Temperature... Could ASRock make this anymore useless??? Help?!!?