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Broken motherboard; possible fix? AMD

January 12, 2013 4:51:34 PM

So my computers been playing up recently and i decided to give it a good clean out. When I was cleaning the processor heat sink i noticed it was full of dust and other crap so with a good pull i pulled out the heatsink and processor (which I now regret.)
Once clean I tried to put the processor back in but obviously couldn't. I then noticed the lever and sort of figured out i was a little screwed. So whilst trying to bend the leaver a bit to maybe get the processor in I broke the white plate off and also in half and the lever came off with it. After reading up I now have some thermal paste on the way and will remove the heat sink and when the processors fitted i will reattach it. But what I was wondering have I broken my mother board beyond repair or will the processor still fit and work without that white plate?