Help..Display is messed up after new driver update

Hello all, im new here.

I need help with my display driver.
Ever since i installed the catalyst 11.9, my display looks worse than before. The colors looks more yellowish and the texts no longer looks crisp and sharp. Even though the resolution is set to 1680x1050(Native) the display looks like this. When i go on my monitor settings(Using buttons on the monitor itself), it says the display resolution is 1400x1050.

Things i have tried so far:
-Re-installing new drivers
-Removing new drivers installing the cd that came with my video card
-Installing ATI Catalyst 11.8 which was working fine just before i updated.
-Performing a system restore on my system.

My GPU is a Sapphire ATI HD 4670 512Mb GDDR3
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  1. Is your monitor installed right ? Don't know if you had to install that before with the use of drivers ?
  2. I took have this issue with the new 14.9 drivers. Same problem, was working fine, updated to 14.9 now the crisp clean image I used to have is all blurry and looks weird, haven't tried playing any games yet, my desktop looks funky as hell though.
  3. Check your scaling options in AMD CCC. Set it to 0% if you haven't already.
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