Is my motherboard/PSU dead ?

hey guys today i built my own pc. i had no trouble with the cpu or anything else, once i connected everything i turned it on and... nothing happens at all.At first i thought it was something simple such as the power cord is not in propely the plug is switched off.i tried using different cables and i double checked the front panel connectors.It didnt help, i also checked if the 24 pin and 8 pin connectors were in.

my first two guesses were that the Power supply or motherboard are dead.

when i mounted the screws into the motherboard while i was building it i saw some grey material around them i think they are meant to protect the motherboard from the metal of the screws was actually touching the mother board itself !(my board is brown and the thing that the screw should be touching is silver) i tried to unscrew that certain screw but it was just spinning around, later my friend replaced the screw and we tried booting again, same response. so is my motherboard dead or could it just be the power supply

( i will test the power supply in about an hour or so, my dad is coming back with an electrical tester sort of thing)

please if you need any extra information please ask,thanks for the help guys :)

Motherboard model: asrock b75 pro3
powers supply: corsair cx600
Case: sharkoont9
CPU intel i5 3570 k
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  1. Try testing the board outside the case (on its box). There's also a paperclip test for power supplies.
  2. I tested the motherboard yesterday no response at all. i tested the power supply with an electrical measure. and tried with other power supplies, i will be sending the board back, hopefully i get a replacment
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