Computer wont turn on after attempting to install SSD

I attempted to install an SSD this weekend and now my computer will not turn on. I unplugged the cables from my old hard drive and into my new ssd. When I tried to turn the computer back on nothing would happen, no signs of life. I put the original hard drive back in and took out the new one but it made no difference the computer still wouldn't turn on. The last time I tried to do something inside the computer about a week ago the computer wouldn't turn on after i was finished, but I left it alone for a couple minutes and when I came back it turned back on. This led me to believe that the problem was with the power supply. I read about a test online where you connect the green wire to the black wire using a paperclip on the 20/24 pin power connection. I tried this and my power supply whirred to life and the fan turned on. I'm not sure what that means in terms of what is wrong with the computer. Additionally, I doubt the problem is with the power button itself because the computer has two of them, a regular one and a backup. Thanks you in advance for any input you might have.
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  1. try this.

    normal debugging is to remove things until the system has signs of life (like the fans whirling, beep codes, etc). Look for a wire that could be shorting out that you moved when installing the SSD. See if closing the case crimped a wire. GL.
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