6850 wont recognize monitor

Hello,I have a Gigabyte Radeon 650, I've been running two monitors for a while now, both asus 24 inch, both connected via dvi.
I just got an asus 27 that I would like to run as well, it has a display port, and I have a display port cable hooked to the 6850.
I cannot view both dvi outputs at the same time. I can go into catalyst control center, and choose one or the other, and get either to work, but not at the same time unless I disable the display port monitor. SO, I can get any two to work, but not all three.
what can I do?
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  1. thought I should also add that I'm using windows XP. Monitors are set up left to right A B C
    A-Asus VH248 DVI cable
    B-Asus VE278 Display Port cable (set as primary) I've tried with other monitors set as primary , still only two at a time
    C-Asus VH248 DVI cable

    When I power up, I get the bios screen on screens A and B
    When I get the Windows Welcome screen, its only on B
    When windows finishes starting, my display is on B and C
  2. updating the drivers didnt help
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