AMD Processor Decisions-Yes I'm Overclocking

I'm building a new PC (after 7 years dealing with an Athlon XP) and I'm stuck on the new processor. Here is what I am deciding between:
Phenom II X4 955 BE
Phenom II X4 960T BE

Overclocking is a priority, and I am going to keep this for a bit, so reliability is an issue too. The Bulldozer is new and has a higher clock speed, but I don't know about multitasking (4 half cores) and the benchmarks that have come out. The Zosma system is tempting because of the possibility of becoming an X6, but o/c headroom is an issue. Then finally, the Deneb processor has the best of both worlds and is the current favorite at this point, but who knows about the others.
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  1. The 960 is a hex core with two cores disabled but other than that the architecture is the same as 955 , but might have some more OC headroom

    The FX 4100 has strengths and weaknesses

    OC to 4.6 GHz on the stock cooler .

    Since all three choices are good value the choice of processor is not as important as choice of motherboard . To upgrade in future you need an AM3+ mb with a 970 or 990 series chipset
  2. Yes, I picked an AM3+ ASRock MB, Extreme3 970 I think.
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