New Evga Gtx 580, flickering/Lod/shadow issues

I scoured the internet and it seems I'm not the only one with this problem. I just ran heaven benchmark and it looks terrible the shadows are all pixelated and flickering around instead crisp and sharp. BF3 shadows are the same flickering pixelated/grainy shadows and flickering distant objects that don't happen in other cards. Do we know if Nvidia is working on some sort of fix for this issue or what? In crysis distant textures don't load unless you head closer to them on max settings and only if you're looking at them, the textures just pop in. Please someone tell me this problem is going to be fixed soon, because I can still RMA my card. The ATI cards aren't having these issues are they? Anyways let me know if you have issues too or perhaps a way to fix it. Apparently only some GTX 580s have this problem I've seen plenty of videos the heaven benchmark looking beautiful with 1. Changing drivers doesn't work, nothing seems to work from what I've read. It may even be hardware related. Ambient on or off nothing works, ambient off just reduces the amount of shadows and thus less pixelated shadows and less of an eye strain.

these are actually a good representation of the flickering and shadow problems.
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  1. I can't watch the videos right now, but it sounds like it's a faulty card. First thing you should try doing though is totally removing your Nvidia drivers by first uninstalling and then running Driver Sweeper. Then you can do a fresh clean install. Especially if this was an upgrade, the PC might still think you have your old card in there and that could mess things up.

    If that doesn't change anything then yeah it might just be a faulty card.
  2. Well, BF3 can be counted out, true. It's in beta with beta drivers and it's just not really representative of what it will be. But Unigene Heaven and Crysis should be fine...
  3. Quote:
    I have those glitches in BF3 with my GTX 480 that is normal.

    What I'm mostly concerned about is the shadows, the flickering textures isn't supposed to happen though, I know people with lesser cards that don't have those BF3 flickers.
  4. wolfram23 said:
    Well, BF3 can be counted out, true. It's in beta with beta drivers and it's just not really representative of what it will be. But Unigene Heaven and Crysis should be fine...

    Yes exactly and the first video shows exactly the problem I have in the heaven demo and basically every game out some texture flickers in heaven too that are small but annoying and I know aren't supposed to be there.
  5. Quote:
    what is your driver revision?

  6. Quote:
    You need 285.38

    That's the driver I was using I had the same problems, so I went back to .26
  7. I have the same issue with my GTX 580. I have had a gtx 570 in sli, gtx 560 ti in sli and now a single gtx 580. I have a core i5 2400 and 8gb ram. Crysis, Crysis 2 and Crysis Warhead all have issues with flickering and high frame rates with stuttering frames if the frames drop below 60 FPS, it is kind of like watching a slide show. It is ridiculous. Tried to enable vsync, disable, enable vsync/triple buffer, disable, installed D3Doverrider. Even took bought a new motherboard and power supply and hard drive to eliminate the issue being any of those things, still....the problem persists. Any assistance with this will be much appreciated.
  8. Actually i5 2400 is enough especially if he plays on 1080p.
    Anyway,I unfortunately can't check those reviews but I get small flickers in some games(I've got a 580).I'm still searching and testing with friend's rigs to make sure if it's a hardware or a software issue.
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