BF3 Beta graphics error + nvidia BF3 driver

Is anyone getting graphical “lines” (not tearing) or graphical “triangles” or lots of flasing in the textures? I just upgraded my rig and was not having a problem at all in Metro ( i had same problem on my 8800GT , then it went away when i built new rig with 560 ti OC) Now i have all kind of lines and triangles in Caspin Border map. Im playin on ultra with the lows in the 40′s FPS and GFX card never hits abover 72 deg. C. Something like what this guy is having.. check video please thanks yall , let me know what u think

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  1. Yes. Expect it to go away at official release. Even consoles are having graphical glitches like screen flashes. I had the lines too.
  2. yes , on my 8800GTS Sli , having those same issues , though its only once a in a while, not enough to distract from the fun of playing the game, I expect those will be solved upon official release
  3. thanks yall, just wanted to make sure i was not the only one having these issues. As i know a lot about PC's and just thought maybe i did something wrong, or something was acting wierd.
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