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System Specs

AMD 560BE processor PhenomX2 3.3ghz (Not able to Unlock the other two cores)
Asus Motherboard MA8LT LE
Crosair Vengence 4GB RAM
ATI Saphire 5770 GPU
Viewsonic 18.5 Monitor
Segate 500 GB HDD
Gigabyte Luxo X142 cabinet


I recently had to get my processor replaced (550 to 560) as the previous one stopped functioning and i got myself a Vengence 4gb RAM, previously i had 2x2gb Crossair Value Select. Ever since i got my PC back i am not able unlock all four cores of my 560 as i was in 550. Neverthenless i am ok with 2 cores and 3.3ghz.

Now the problem part. I play games specially BF3, the game shows micro shuttering (lag), i thought it was multiplayer but the lag happens in Singleplayer as well. The game ran superbly prior to the whole CPU repair thing. I am totally confused what is causing the lag!! Is it the RAM, the Processor or what!!!

Can you please put some light this!!!!

Thank you
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  1. so the resolution for now is to disable multithreading!! can that be done??
  2. I believe it is native and the game simply works better on an X4 than X2.
  3. yes for sure X4 is better than X2 but regardless shouldn't the game run smooth even on X2...!!! so i will try to lower the settings (which i hate) and see if the lag is gone. Damm what a bumer, i thought i got a good deal when my 550 3.1ghz got replaced with 560 3.3 ghz!!!
  4. ok i tried few games and i experienced lag (micro) in all games... can the GPU be the reason??? i am really confused here. Tried downgrading the graphics driver.. didn't work.. i mean my question is before the change to AMD 560BE X2 everything was fine. I must add the reason why the previous CPU was replaced... there was a power cut and when i switched the system back on.. my AMD 550 was no more hence the replacement.. but that doesn't explain the lag i am experiencing... Will removing the GPU and putting back on make any diff??

    Can anyone please suggest a solution, i am really indeed of a cure to this.
  5. Unusual that a CPU dies from a power outage, more likely to affect PSU or motherboard!
  6. yup actually it affected my second RAM slot... so when one of the 2gb stick was removed system would boot up... so i decided to go with one 4gb Vengeance RAM and get the second sloy changed later,, but to my surprise when we installed the RAM the processor started showing as 456mhz... so we knew that the processor was dying.. and hence the replacement and the RAM slot was also replaced... ever since that day.. i am experiencing lag.
  7. Could be your motherboard!
  8. so how do i figure tht out!!! please tell me
  9. It is hard to figure out, more like taking a chance and replace it.
  10. so in that case is there any MOBO in particular you can suggest?
  11. Any AM3 or AM3+ motherboard that fits your hardware and budget.
  12. will a MOBO replacement require re-installation of OS!!!!
  13. Yes at minimum repair install if not exactly the same.
  14. Ok here's what i am planning on doing.

    Get AMD Phenom II X4 970 BE & ASUS 88 EVO Motherboard. I already have a 4gb 1600 Crosair Vengeance add another 4GB so totall 8GB of RAM. I've given the AMD 5770 GPU for replacement once it's back.. reinstall windows 7 as 64bit.

    So what are your thoughts on this, will my hardware complement/compatible with eachother?? please let me know as i don't want to spend money on this and later regret.

    Appreciate your response
  15. Yes it is all compatible.
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