Hello 2012 !!

I'm considering buying a few 10gBase-T network interface cards for iscsi usage .

I've looked into the solarflare ones and intel ones, reading brochures and specs on their sites , which is basically just advertising.


Yet i can't find a serious independent side by side review of today's available 10gBase-T nic's anywhere.

Since I can't afford a switch I'm going to be putting 2 2port nics in my main file server . That way i'll have 4 computers i'll be able to boot on iscsi , and access shares through samba .

So for benchmarks I'm looking for numbers when it comes to transferring data straight from 1 computer to another, latency tests , also smb network benchmarks , using linux or windows as a server , what kinds of transfer I can expect (if I bridge the 4 ports in the server ) from 1 client to the other. What kind of cpu overheads I can expect when routing from 1 port to another , will overhead be less when traffic passes through the 2 ports of a single interface . Compatibility in features between brands is something I would like to see tested as well .If those cards even have auto-crossover , I didn't see that mentioned anywhere , if using those cards with crossover connections limits them in some ways ..

I need to see some numbers , done by professionals before I dish out 2000 dollars for a box of nics.

0 results for 10gBase-T on tom's hardware ? http://i.imgur.com/EW2VX.png

According to wikipedia 2 million ports were sold in 2009 and 3 million in 2010 .. !

What i'm getting at is , IMO it's about time Tom's hardware does an article with detailed benchmarks on the available 10gBase-T cards today .Prices are approaching 250 dollars for a single port nic. That isn't cheap , but it's not crazy money expensive either. A good gigabit card costs about 40 dollars too. I can understand tom's hardware not considering fiber networks as home electronics , but this is copper ..

Thnx in advance for any reply

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  1. Hello phoenixxl;

    Did you search on 10 Gigabit Ethernet?
  2. WR2 said:
    Hello phoenixxl;

    Did you search on 10 Gigabit Ethernet?

    Yes, Opinions musings and news on 10gbe in general. "future of networking" stuff , no benchmarks for 10gbase-t cards that work over cat 6,6a cables in particular.

    I'm not looking for dreamy futuristic tech articles .
    I would like it if there was a roundup somewhere of someone sticking the cards that are available today in their benchmark hardware , and publishing the numbers.
  3. What is generally available are these things :

    Where vendors claim theirs is better than everyone else's .. Like I sais earlier , that's not benchmarking that's advertising :( .
  4. You could always make a suggestion in the Site Feedback > Future Article Ideas Forum
  5. Thank you, I think I'll do that.
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