Zotac GTX 560 ti Black Screen Problem

Hi my name is Stenly I have just recently upgraded to Zotac Gtx 560 ti Card. My previous card was Sparkle 9500 gt.
My problem is whenever I play games like Bionic commando , Crysis 2 ,Just cause 2 etc at high or low Setting after few minutes or even in few seconds
I get a black screen and the system hangs. I have tried all the possible things I have also updated the drivers.
One more thing when I play Street fighter IV it plays for several hrs. I dont know why but when it comes to 3d Graphics
like Devil may cry 4 , Darksiders its goes black screen sfter few sec or min.

My Config :

Motherboard - Gigabyte G31M-ES2C
Processor - Core 2 Duo E7500 (not overclocked)
PSU - Iball Stallion 600 watt
Ram - 4 GB
Cabinet - Iball Bullet
Previous Card - Sparkle 9500 gt
Current Card - Zotac 560 ti
I have sent my graphics card back to the zotac frm where i have bought.
And got the replaced card.
But its also giving the same problem.
Plz hlp.

Is is possible by changing my PSU to Corsair GS800 Watt will solve my problem.
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  1. Although it's no longer required to remove the old Nvidia drivers when you install the new one (I presume you did install the new driver for the new card), sometimes it can fix troublesome issues. Start over by uninstalling the nvidia driver, reboot, press F8 at startup to get to Safe Mode. Have Driver Sweeper installed so you can run it and remove any traces of Nvidia DISPLAY drivers. Nothing else. Then reboot. Windows may load a generic driver. If so, let it. Then install the newest driver from Nvidia.

    Driver Sweeper: http://phyxion.net/Driver-Sweeper/Driver-Sweeper/

    Depending on how "clean" you keep your computer system, you may first want to run CCleaner. Run the Clean and Registry parts. Then do a defrag. Registry errors can also cause the problems you are having.

    CCleaner: http://www.piriform.com/CCLEANER
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