AsRock Extreme 4, no post, no boot, no Dr. Debug

Hi guys, I am a very long time reader of this site and finally broke down and made an account, in an attempt to get some help.

I took the trip up to my local Microcenter (an hour away) to pick up a 3750k and a AsRock Extreme 4. My excitement was killed will I couldn't boot. I troubleshot every thing that I could think of and everything that Google could tell me. I just had to take the trip up there again to get a replacement.

They told me that the motherboard had bent pins on the CPU part, so they wouldn't replace it. Blah blah, I eventually them to sell me another one for the same bundle price. Came back, same exact problem. I even went and bought a replacement PSU to remedy the problem. Still having it.

All I get is CPU fan, and power supply fan. No booting with, or without my discrete GPU (7850). Checked 8 pin and 24pin connections like no other. Switched out my ram into each individual slot.

Is there something I may have missed, or did I just get screwed out of 200 dollars for both motherboards?
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  1. Hi, Is it a Z68 or Z77?
    And it's probably 3570k?
  2. if its z68 then you should probably update the BIOS for Ivy Bridge support.
  3. Do you have an easy means to clear the CMOS on the motherboard? Maybe give that a go and try booting up with only the mobo+CPU to see if you POST.
  4. It is a Z77. And there is actually a Clear CMOS button on the motherboard. Tried that and taking out the battery to no avail.
  5. check to see if the mb is grounding out. on a missing standoff or the rear i\o shield. if you can try posting the mb outside the case with just the onboard video.
  6. I have actually been running it outside of the case. All I had hooked in was CPU, HS/F, and my ram. Still nothing.
  7. Then it looks like a motherboard problem. If deciding to RMA it, check the CPU socket for bent pins.
  8. alexoiu said:
    Then it looks like a motherboard problem. If deciding to RMA it, check the CPU socket for bent pins.

    Thanks, that's kind of what I had figured. Is there anything you can do with a motherboard that has bent pins? Or are you just out of luck?
  9. It depends on how bad they are bent. With a magnifying glass and lot of patience sometimes they can be straighten.
  10. Just an update, it turns out I did just end up getting two DOA motherboards in a row. Thanks for all the help!
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