Graphic crash with i5 2500k + p8z68v gen3 + gtx280

Hi there,

I am asking you guys for help, because as long I am trying to solve this problem, I have no idea what can cause it. Few weeks ago I bought new pc components leaving my old graphic card. I needed to change everything (previous setup just died). Here it is:

Asus p8z68-v gen3
Corsair Force 3 SSD 120 gb
Corsair PSU TX850M
Corsair 2x4gb Vengeance ddr3 1600 1.5v low profile
intel i5 2500k

and my old gtx280 EVGA OC

At the beginning i thought it was the antivirus program - newest Norton. I installed Avast instead. It seems it didnt help. The problem occures when i start up the system, trying to click a tray or playing a game, it appears occasionally. Here´s what i always get:

My question is if it´s the graphic card or maybe bios settings (i only changed memory timing and voltage to default, no oc) or something else. Every advice qould be appreciated.
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  1. Remove the ram chips and clean them with an eraser and place them back in. Make sure the GPU and the HD are properly seated.

    Try updating the bios or re-flashing the bios.

    Update your video drivers.
  2. I think it's overheating. The 280 was a very hot card.
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