Graphics cards for 1600x900 resolution gaming.

I'm buying a new system and want recommendations on GPUs for good gaming performance at 1600x900 resolution. Budget is about $150.
I was thinking:
GTX 460
GTX 550 ti
Radeon HD6790
RAdeon HD5770
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    An HD 6850 is within your budget and would be perfect for your resolution.
  2. i may have to decrease my budget a little if i go with a quad core i5 instead of an i3. Would the cheaper cards, i.e., 550ti, hd6790 and hd5770 be able to max out games (or run on pretty high settings) at 1600x900? And should i go for a cheaper card + core i5 2400, or a hd6850 + core i3 2100? i have heard that CPU helps at lower resolutions. Any suggestions???
  3. i can stretch my budget to get either the i5 2400 or the hd6850. Should i stick with an i3 2100 and get the better card or get the i5 with a lesser card like the gtx 550ti or hd6790?
  4. I think its better that you spent your mony on gpu and cpu should be less important for you! i3 2300 is good for gaming and for 3-4 year would response to you! 6850 or 5850 is good for you.
  5. Quote:
    Core i3+6850
    gaming wise, the i3 shouldnt bottleneck the 6850

    who said it!? i3 sandybridge completly match with 6850. :non:
    where is your refrence!! :heink:
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