HAF X Blue Edition

Are they regular crappy fans with blue LEDs or are they these fans?

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  1. I believe the front blue 200mm is a megaflow, the rest I think are the crappy blue fans that you should probably replace.
  2. Isn't the front fan a 230mm model?
  3. I am only asking because I plan to replace all the stock 200mm with megaflows (or better) if they are not megaflows. And the 230mm and 140mm with better ones.

    Basically, I want to put the best fans possible in all slots. Just want to figure out what fans are coming with the case.
  4. Honestly, there isn't any real requirement to use the 'best possible' fans.
    Why spend extra for almost no improvement in cooling?
  5. Because i'm a jackass. I just want to make sure that I am getting the best possible air cooling I can. I have been doing sooo much research on the best air cooling case and it's damn near impossible to find that out.

    The only thing I can find that is consistant is that the HAF X is an excellent GPU cooler and a great CPU cooler. Figured I could make up the difference with about 150cfm more of airflow.
  6. Might as well save the amount of money you are going to spend for the fans and put that towards water cooling.
  7. What CPU and CPU cooler are you getting?
    There's an area where you can add $$ and get performance improvements.
    Same for an aftermarket GPU cooler.
  8. I have never installed water cooling before. So I would rather stay with air cooling. :-/

    I think it would be pretty sick to install the optional 200mm (megaflow) and use a badass 120mm fan for the interior fan on the graphics cards. Cooling should be pretty efficient at that point! Can't be that far off water cooling!
  9. I have a PC already. Just swapping cases.

    ASRock Extreme6
    I have an i5 2500k @ 4.4ghz/1.25v
    Thermaltake Frio heatsink

    The case it's in now is meant for watercooling. So the air cooling is totally poop. It's the Kandalf LCS from Thermaltake.
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