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I have problem using my onboard graphics card, my computer freezes then shuts down when i install the graphics driver and my motherboard is MSI MS-7313. I have downloaded the compatible graphics card driver from MSI but still my pc freezes and i need to reset my pc. i don't play any games put still freezes...

i would highly appriciate any reply
thank you so mch
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  1. thanks you so much sir greghome! i hope u can understand my engllish.
    this is my answer to the questions
    1. my pc starts freezing when i use the onboard gpu. i never use it eversince i bought my pc. it has a geforce 6200 turbocahe installed and i removed it because when i was playing counterstrike my pc frozen, the keyboard and mouse are no longer reponding,
    i'm not able to shut down the computer properly, i just press the reset button to reboot but notting shows on the screen. i believed that the geforce 6200 installed fails so
    i removed it and use the onboard gpu. everytime i try to play games using the onboard gpu my pc freezes after a few seconds,but when i'm not playing games it freezes after 20mins sometimes an hour berfore it freeze.

    2. yes that is exactly my motherboard MSI 945GCM- v2

    3.- msi 7313
    - intel pentium 4 3ghz
    - 1gb ddr2
    - 40gb hdd

    4. my pc starts freezing when i was playing warcraft 3, after a few minutes of playing it suddenly freezes. it works fine when i'm not playing a game. but after a few days it gets worst even without playing any game my pc freezes then blank screen. but the fan still spinning..

    5. yes i downloaded the latest chipset driver..

    thank you so much sir, i'm sorry for my english..
  2. i want to add some info about my pc, my cpu is proper ventilated and i cleaned it i removed all the dust but when i touch the heat sink both cpu and gpu it is too hot
    and the capacitor around the cpu is too hot as well is it normal? when i checked the cpu temp with the H/W monitor the cpu temp is 48c i believed that the temp is normal but when i touched the heat sink both cpu and gpu it is too hot it almost burn my finger...
  3. is that 48c at idle or under stress? and your english is better then mine and im from the USA :)
  4. 1. i reformatted my hdd a few days ago, the programs installed occupied 20gb of 40gb
    16gb free space left.

    2. yes, my pc freezes sometimes when i play games using the nvida geforce 6200 but somestimes it runs well compared to the onboard gpu even without playing any games it keep freezing.

    3. i'm using the onboard gpu right now but in default monitor only.. when i try to install the onboard graphics driver my pc start freezing...could it be a motherboard issue?

    4. i don't really know how old my hdd is,
    my hard drive is an ide western digital 4ogb. i don't have an extra pc to test the the hdd, mmc, processor etc.

    thank you so much.....
  5. thanks sir mouse24!

    how will i know if the cpu temp is in idle or in stress? freezing only occur when the onboard gpu driver is installed it works fine in default monitor. my problem is, i don't know which part of my pc is reponsible for freezing.. i don't know which one will a change...
  6. ah idle or stressed means if say your playing a game then its stressed (depending on the game, minesweeper doesnt count :)) idl when you are say sitting at the desktop, or in the bios.

    im not sure how to reliably stress onboard gpus but for the processor just download prime95, put it on a blend test for about 5-10 minutes then monitor your temps
  7. i tested the hdd through another computer, it works fine i can play games without freezing.. i run checkdisk there is no bad sector detected...
  8. Dying psu ? I dunno.
  9. i don't think it's the psu, cause i've test the psu to other computer and works fine.. freezing occurs only when i installed the graphics driver..... works fine in default monitor situation...
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