CPU spikes and mouse unable to move

I have been having problems with my mouse, so I've done several antivirus and malware scans..some turn up a trojan and some do not but the software says they are fixed.
My mouse works on another system. And it works intermittently on mine. One whole day matter of fact it worked great. I did msconfig diagnostic startup and the mouse still acting up.
I use second life and my quad core cpu goes crazy in all 4 panes on task mgr.

I'm desperate for help. I'm not sure this is in the right place but hard to select much with this mouse not working.
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  1. What applications are you using to scan for malware and viruses?
  2. I used Avast, Microsoft Security, Bitdefender onlone, Eset online, F-secure online, AVG, Adaware, SuperAntiSpyware and Malwarebytes.
  3. I seemed to have my mouse back (read below)...so now I'm still worried about the CPU spikes.

    I went to control panel and opened up Setpoint Settings and chose Tools, then Save System Reports and got the following msg:

    Problem code 1030 (ProblemDeviceNoLongerPresent) Problem: A device that was plugged into the system in the past is no longer present. Cause: Actual cause unknown. Possibilities are that a device that has malfunctioned, become unplugged or a USB hub may have failed. The device may simply not be in use any more. Solution: Plug in device and reboot the computer.

    Right after that my mouse started working. (knock on wood)
  4. hayley3 said:
    I used Avast, Microsoft Security, Bitdefender onlone, Eset online, F-secure online, AVG, Adaware, SuperAntiSpyware and Malwarebytes.

    Hopefully, you are only running one anti-virus program at a time. Running multiple products can (and often will) lead to issues like you have been experiencing. Same goes for running multiple anti-malware apps.

    Glad your system seems to be running better. Good luck!
  5. yes i deleted each one or suspended them before running the other. Thanks!
  6. Just to update...I never have figured this out..one minute I open my cd tray and the mouse stops working..the next it appears to be something else..I ran adaware yesterday and now the mouse works again..it found a trojan and 4 other things but it found those before so idk at this point. Still having the cpu spikes also.
  7. Go and get the AVG Rescue CD and burn it to CD. You boot from the CD, allow it to update, and remove everything it finds. Then try again.

  8. After how hard I worked to get rid of AVG..even using the AVG removal tool..it is still connected to my wan miniport in device mgr, I'm afraid to mess with avg.

    Today the mouse began moving on it's own so I uninstalled the drivers and rebooted and the mouse has worked since. Thanks. I think its a virus that is yet to be discovered.
  9. Did you use the Rescue CD? BTW, it installs nothing on your system. You simply boot from the CD and run the program in memory. It will not add anything to Windows.
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