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Loop-back: Using dedicated graphics through motherboard

January 12, 2013 11:27:16 PM

Hi everyone,

Hopefully this is the correct forum for this question. Long post, but simple question!

I'd like to use a 2012 thunderbolt iMac as a monitor for my thunderbolt enabled PC. This is possible, but a thunderbolt cable must be used and the connection must be between two thunderbolt ports (not miniDP). The main issue is that only integrated graphics is used since the PC thunderbolt port is on the motherboard.

Motherboard: GA-Z77X-UP4 TH
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670

My question: Apart from Virtu MVP, is there any way to utilize the power of my graphics card if a monitor is connected to the motherboard? I am interested in this technique (search for "Technically" on that page), but my motherboard doesn't have DisplayPort. Is there any other "loop-back" method I can which is compatible with my motherboard/graphics card combination?

My only guess (and it's a very vague guess) is:
1. Connect the graphics card (from its DisplayPort output) to the motherboard's thunderbolt input using a DisplayPort > mini DisplayPort cable (since mDP and TB have identical inputs).
2. Connect the iMac to the 2nd thunderbolt port on the motherboard using a thunderbolt cable.

I'm very eager to get this sorted and will be checking this topic almost hourly, so your time won't be wasted! Thanks in advance to anyone who can help! :)