LAN access from remote

I have been getting a lot of these messages, with two different ip addresses given as the "from"
I do not have skype and the problem only just recently started occurring. It looks like someone is getting into my computer. I have remote access turned off. Any ideas on what's going on and how to stop it if

LAN access from remote] from to
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  1. where is the message appearing - which application is sending it?

    Is remote access turned off on the PC, or at your firewall level?

    How are you connected to the internet - directly to your cable modem from the PC, or do you have a firewall/router?
  2. The message appears in my routers log file (Netgear 600N)

    I have the remove turned off through the router software but not sure about PC

    My connection is through the router.
    The problem seems to have gone away by turning off the UPnP. Does this make sense?
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