Need a GPU to hook up to 52" 1080p TV


I'm building a computer and i was wondering what graphics card would be best to run for our 52" tv at 1080p.
I dont want anything super overkill, it would just be for movies and some web surfing.



Here is the power supply im planing on getting if that helps at all

Realized you guys might need full specs so

Mobo: GA-990fxa-ud3
Cpu: AMD x4 955 be ... will O.C. just a little, nothing major
Memory: G.skill Ripjaws ddr3 1600 8gb (4 x 2gb )
PSU: Above
SSD: Intel 510 series 120gb Sata III
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  1. so, you want to OC your CPU, but your only using this for movies and web browsing? you must have forgotten to mentions something, because you wouldnt get a phenom x4 and OC it and get a Crossfire capable motherboard with 8gb ddr3 just for web surfing, would you?
  2. I'd play some games on lowish settings...

    plus some people buy mac pros for twice as much with half the specs as this to do the same thing
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    Size does not matter. Only the resolution.
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